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Psychokinetic Class III


This is a downplayed aspect of hunting compared to "true" ghosts and hauntings, but in my opinion, it is one of the most common phenomena that you will run into so you should be familiar with it. This area of the paranormal deals with energy which either originates or centers on the human mind. There is much debate in this field over who what where and how much, but there are few who dispute that there is something going on which has to do with living human spirit and thought. A branch of science (parapsychology) is devoted to it's study and according to conspiracy theorists, entire governments spend untold resources on research in this area. 


RSPK - Recurrent Spontaneous Psycho Kinesis Believed to be the source of most poltergeist activity, this is the term for when unexplained events happen repeatedly in the vicinity of an individual or "agent". 


Artificial Ghost - a type of phenomena in which a person or group of people literally "believe" a ghost into existence. Documented by studies of the ghost "Philip" at the University of Toronto during the 1970's. The entity was able to respond to questions and requests by rapping and table tilting, but was unable to provide personal information about itself beyond what the researchers had already assigned.


Astral Projection - an event in which a person's consciousness leaves their physical body and enters the Astral Realm for travel to other realms, to procure information or to deliver information. In some cases they may be seen in dreams or as a solid or semi-solid image in the physical world.


Bilocation / Double - also known as a doppleganger (German for double walker) this is when a person is physically seen in two places at once. Sometimes they precede their arrival (arrive twice) to the astonishment of witnesses. Called a "fetch" in Irish folklore, it is often viewed as a potentially bad or death omen. Very rare.


Poltergeist - German for "noisy ghost" this is traditionally a phenomena in which  objects fly around and physical objects move with no natural cause. Typically adolescent females with issues of repressed anger and/or sexuality are the source of this activity, though in reality it can occur with either children or older people of both sexes. Also, there are distinctly different types of phenomena besides just tossing plates at you. 


1) Rock throwing - There are a number of poltergeist incidents which involve rocks being thrown at buildings and humans with alarming accuracy. Often the trajectory is peculiar (going around corners or straight across with no parabolic arc), the effects are odd, (people are hit with full force and yet are not injured in some cases) and many times the rock in question is either unnaturally warm or moist. 

2) Fire starting - Pyrokinetic poltergeists are vicious, with anywhere from 3 -13 + fires occurring while it is active, and they tend to be much shorter lived than the other phenomena, lasting only a few weeks typically.  Unfortunately, this is often because they do not stop until the victim's building is burned down. .

3) Luminosities - Poltergeist phenomena which appears as small, glowing balls of light as small as one inch in diameter. May be related to the "orb" phenomena often seen in ghost investigations. 

4) Electronic - Also known as proto-poltergeists, this type is characterized by unexplainable behavior in electrical and electronic equipment. Lights flicker, strange sounds come from speakers, phones dial themselves, computers get odd errors, etc. Has also been known to destroy appliances and more delicate items.   

5) Odor - Fairly rare, this kind actually causes overpowering smells to occur; the scent of violets being quite common. 

6) Acoustical - As you may guess, this one makes noises, but the noises heard do not correspond to any actual physical phenomena. People may hear glass being broken, walk in and find nothing disturbed. Or the sounds may not follow the normal laws of sound as zones of noise are produced wherein they are confined to only one room or area and cannot be heard outside of that zone. 

7) Traditional - This is the type most are familiar with. Doors slam, silverware flies, voices are heard, people may be pushed, slapped and sundry other events can occur. 


What are the differences between Classic Hauntings and Poltergeists?


Traditional Hauntings Poltergeists
1)  Location centered

2)  Activity usually remains constant over time, though brief surges can happen when changes (remodeling) occur to the structure

3)  Not usually dangerous

4)  Believed to caused by the residual life force of a deceased human


1)  Agent centered

2)  Goes in cycles from low to high intensity, then abruptly stops and may start over again

3)  Can be dangerous as intensity increases

4)  Based on the energy of a living human


Psychic Attack - A supernatural assault on either people or animals which can result in mental, physical, emotional or spiritual damage. These can include voodoo spells, curses, or harmful mental/occult focus. While quite rare, it can also be extremely dangerous and insidious as it can be hard to track or prove. Symptoms include repetitive, terrifying dreams, bad odors, depression, illness and other problems. Ted Andrews gives some wonderful advice in his book, Psychic Protection. Again, see my Book Reviews page or Spiritual Safety page.


Psychic Disturbance - A more common problem which can produce symptoms as above, though at a much lower intensity. Tends to be more self-induced by faulty belief systems, negative thinking and neglect. Can be a byproduct of physical illness as well. Addressed by taking care of yourself in every arena possible. 


Psychic Vampire - A person or entity which feeds off the energy of others. Can be either intentional or unintentional. Intentional vampires are much more rare, but tend to be far more dangerous. Described in detail by Dr. Joe H. Slate in his book, Psychic Vampires as reviewed in the Book Reviews section.


Remote Viewing - The practice by which information can be gleaned from a remote, target site by specialized visualization training.


Shapeshifter - A person or entity who has the ability to change form or energy state at will or under stress. This would include lycanthropy such as werewolves, werebears and the like. A phenomena described in many cultures across a broad span of time, so there is likely to be some truth in the matter. According to Michael Greer in his book Monsters, these beings are able to shift  the etheric body which may be able to shape the physical realm.


Thoughtforms - Mental ideas which literally take on a life of their own. If you invest enough energy into an image, belief or concept, it can start taking on a form, or life expression and show up in the aura. Also known as artificial elementals they typically exist on the astral plane and according to Andrews, we are all karmically responsible for the thoughtforms we create. This phenomena can embed itself in structures and to some extent, mirror symptoms of an actual haunting. Can also be thought of as "weaving glamour".